About Escape From City

Getting tire of daily life in city? Looking for travel destinations?
We are EscapeFromCity. We would love to deliver a site where one click of your could find everything you need for you journey.

Before we start this, we have had our hard time while we travel. As a traveller, we always wanted to visit somewhere different from where we've been before. While we are visiting new place, the important things to know are how it look like, and how to get there? This is where EscapeFromCIty started. EscapeFromCIty was created by a group of Cambodian teenager who love travel, and spend most of our time explore different places.

Last, we had captured a lot memories. And we want to share our moments with all EscapeFromCity visitors. Currently, we only provide travel destinations in Cambodia, but we're promise to bring you more travel destinations cross countries in the nearest future. Thank for supporting us! :)

Let's EscapeFromCity, and visits place you never know like a pro!


visit places you never know like a pro!