River Cloud (Stueng Porpok or ស្ទឹងពពក)


Mountain of River Cloud (Stueng Porpok or ស្ទឹងពពក) is the height of 295 meters. River Cloud having their camp for rent or you can bring your stuff. And in the area have 2 toilets available. There no food available for sale in the River Cloud area. About mobile services in the area, Smart service will reach up to 4G internet, Cellcard no service, and Metfone service can call but internet speed is low. River Cloud area will be guard by community and soldier from Hydropower Station.

Donations to the community as below:

  • If you are sleepover, the fee will be 10,000 riel ($2.5) per person. And if not staying, 6,000 riel ($1.5) per person.
  • Camping space is 20,000 riel ($5) per tent. Note: You have to bring your tent.

Traveling to River Cloud

River Cloud is located in Krang chek village(ភូមិ​ក្រាំងចេក) dong peang commune(ឃុំដងពែង) srea om bil district(ស្រុកស្រែអំបិល​) Koh Kong Province. The road to go up the mountain is a total of 3500 meters long. And you have to drive through 300 meters of bad road among the 3.5 km. The road to go Once you reach to the first bridge of srea ombil(ស្រែអំបិល), then after 150 meters turn right and keep straight. You will arrive **River Cloud** after you have pass Hydropower Station(ស្ថានីវារីអគ្គីនី​) for 150 meters. **Note:** Currently there is no road for the car to get there.