Ta Chat Waterfall


Ta Chat Waterfall or Ta Kart Waterfall has a location in Ta Cheat Village, Toul Kork Commune, Mondul Seima District, Khemarak Phoumint City, Koh Kong Province is 21km away from Kaoh Kong roundabout.

Ta Chat Waterfall is a natural tourist site, and have many tho do as well such as swimming, seeing mountain view, having a picnic. Travelling to Ta Chat Waterfall it is very easy to reach there because it is not necessary to walk and cross the river or take a boat. For parking, tourists can park directly at the location.

However, Ta Chat Waterfall is a good destination in Koh Kong Province for relaxing in a haft day trip, and also has a seating area for tourists, and there is also order food directly from there. Besides Ta Chat Waterfall has food ordering or food stations.