Mlob Son Toch Meas


`Mlob Son Toch Meas(ម្លប់សន្ទូចមាស-Golden Fishing Rod) is one of the places where people love to enjoy fishing and having lunch. It has been created with a very nice relaxing sitting area where you sit above the lake. While you are waiting for your food to come, you can also enjoy fishing.

Services and Pricing

Golden Fishing Rod provides good services; moreover, the food also has a reasonable price which is between USD 5 to USD 15. For the place to sit, if you sit without ordering any food, they will charge USD 5 from Monday to Friday and USD 15 for Saturday and Sunday.

How to Get There?

Mlob Son Toch Meas (ម្លប់សន្ទូចមាស-Golden Fishing Rod) is 6.3 kilometers away from Independence Monument. Thus, you can drive along Preah Norodom Blvd, then cross to national road number 2 and keep going forward. After driving around 3.5 kilometers more, you will see Mlob Son Toch Meas (ម្លប់សន្ទូចមាស-Golden Fishing Rod) banner on the right side, then turn right. After that, just keep going forward, you will see another banner leading you to the place. If you have any concerns with the location, please kindly check on the map below.