Phnom Bok Temple


Phnom Bok Temple was built by king Yasovarman I (889-915) in the early 10th century. It is a nearly identical copy of the slightly earlier Phnom Krom Temple located south of Angkor. As with Phnom Krom, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Although fewer of the temple buildings have survived than at Phnom Krom, the remaining buildings are in an overall better state of preservation as they are far away from the moist winds of the Tonle Sap lake which damaged Phnom Krom. Access to Phnom Bok is somewhat difficult as there is no road leading to the top of the mountain. Visitors have to ascend 600 or more stairs before reaching a guard post near the summit.

Phnom Bok Temple is a hill in the northeast of Eastern Baray in Cambodia.