Phnom Krom Eco Resort


Phnom Krom Eco Resort is the one of popular place in Siem Reap Province that have location Krosang roleung village, Siem Reap district, near Phnom krom mountain and Tonle Lake. distance from capital of Siem Reap only 5.5 kilometers. Phnom Krom Eco Resort is a community-based recreational area located at the foot of Phnom Krom mountain near the Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in Southeast Asia and also home to the world’s most productive inland fishery. Situated on the northwest Cambodia floodplain, the 100-hectare rural property is own by the Empress Angkor Hotel, one of the leading hotels in Siem Reap, and is only 20 minutes from the town’s airport and the historic Angkor temples. Visitors are offered a unique chance to experience nature and traditional rural lifestyles with the charm.

Phnom Krom Eco Resort Service Providing

Phnom Krom Eco Resort also the popular place for lunch time there is the popular place for local tourist for have a great lunch arrived in Siem Reap, besides they are providing Khmer food service they are also have many activities for relaxing in day such as :

  • Boating : Phnom Krom Eco Resort encompasses four lakes that are both natural and artificial water bodies. The two largest lakes each cover an area of about eight hectares, offering ample opportunities to explore the area with experienced boatmen from Phum Krorsang Roleung village. The smaller lakes cover six and four hectares. The lakes feature hundreds of lotus flowers and have been stocked with hundreds of thousands of fish. Equipped with life jackets, our traditional wooden canoes are ready to welcome all visitors including couples who wish to enjoy boating on your lakes [delete repletion: full of fish and lotus flowers. Boating with groups or loved ones offers long-lasting memories of your visit to Cambodia.

Three-hour boating packages combined with fishing, cycling and ox-cart rides generally require at least two people and include multiple catering options.

  • Fishing : ocated on the floodplain next to the world’s most productive inland fishery , Phnom Krom Eco Resort is a paradise form anglers. With the expansion of the Tonle Sap Lake during the wet season each year, the annual floods bring millions of migrating fish from the Mekong River futher downstream. These include commercially-valuable species such as stripe snakehead (trey phtuok), climbing perch (trey kranh) and walking catfish (try andaing). During the second half of 2010, the site’s four lakes were stocked with almost a million fish raised in local hatcheries. Half of these were Sutchi river catfish (try pra), a native species widely farmed in Cambodia.

Also known as “pangasius” and “basa”, this species today represents a billion dollar industry with exports of frozen fillets to more than a hundred countries, mostly from Vietnam. Other species stocked in 2007 were walking catfish and red tilapia (trey lapia krahom), an African species that’s increasingly popular among Cambodian fish farmers. Barbecue and other cooking facilities are available for those who can’t wait to consume their catch.

Three-hour fishing packages combined with boating, cycling and ox-cart rides generally require at least two people and include multiple catering options.

  • OX-CART RIDES: Oxen are still used for transport by many Cambodians in rural areas, especially in Kampong Chhnang, a province on the western shore of the Tonle Sap Lake which is home of the traditional ceramic cooking-pot industry. Even today, cooking-pot vendors are often seen riding ox carts as they hawk their goods to customers across the country. In partnership with the people of neighboring Phum Krorsang Roleung village, Srook Yeung Phnom Krom Eco Resort offer visitors the rare opportunity to enjoy this ancient mode of transport with experienced ox handlers or by yourself. Races between as many as ten competing ox-carts can also be arranged.

Three-hour ox-cart packages combined with fishing, boating and cycling generally require at least two people and include multiple, Catering options.