Kampot Province is the one of attractive travel in Cambodia there have many thing to do and see a lot that have distance about 148 kilometer from Phnom Penh City. Kampot Province is a south and west Province of Cambodia. The borders the provinces of Koh Kong and Kampong Speu to the north, Takeo and Kep and Vietnam to the east and Sihanoukville to the west.
The Kampot area also offers several other attractions including pre-Angkorian ruins and caves, jungle trekking, bicycling tours, river cruises, island trips, fishing trips, isolated beaches, pepper plantations, bamboo train rides and some beautiful rural countryside.

Activities and Place to visit in Kampot Province

Kampot Province is also the once of popular destination to exploring there are many place that interesting place good to know and getting the new experience,However most of the visitor getting there have a look at the old French colonial architecture, which is one still in charming condition, to have a vantage point for visiting the near beaches or the small islands of Kep. Kampot province is also renowned for the quality of its fruits (Duran, coconut, mango, etc.), its sea salt and of course the famous Kampot Pepper. The special fresh climate and soil type of Kampot as well as the experience from several generations of pepper farmers make this pepper unique and much sought-after by gourmets worldwide. Place to visiting in Kampot Province:

Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountainis refers to a collection of French colonial buildings constructed as a temperate mountain luxury resort and retreat for colonial residents in the early 1920s atop Bokor Mountain in Preah Monivong National Park, about 37 km west of Kampot Province in southern Cambodia,Moreover traveler have to spend your travel day at Bukor Mountain you'll more exploring Old Catholic Church, Sampov Pram, Monivong National Park,Popovil Waterfalls. However Bukor hill Montain also have location in Kampot Provine in Kdat Village so all of the people there mostly exploring after a second trip.


Kdat let le tent

Kdard La tenteis one of the relaxing places in Kdat Village of Kampot Province where you can refresh your mind with nature. All of You can experience many things while you are at Kdard La Tente such as sleeping in the tent/bungalow/container, absorbing fresh air on the bridge where nothing holds your view, experiencing camp fire, and enjoying a very new activity by hunting shrimp. Moreover, Kdard La Tent also provides tour service to go to the waterfall by walking.Kdat Le Tente

Arcadia Backpackers and Water Park

Kdat let le tent

The boast Cambodia's first river-side water park. Facilities include: A huge water slide, crazy Russian Swing, Cambodia's first "Blob", rope swing, 3m and 6m jumping platforms, massive pontoon for chilling, sundecks, and inner tubes. Also available are kayaks for rent ($5 each), a river cruise on a traditional long boat ($6) and guided hikes ($8).Here at Arcadia, we offer a more homely and social environment for our guests, rather than your typical force-fed fun chain hostels.

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Phnom Chhngok Cave Templeis a short walk through a quilt of rice paddies from Wat Ang Sdok, where a monk collects the entry fee and a gaggle of friendly local kids offers their services as guides. From the bottom, a 203-step staircase leads up the hillside and down into a cavern as graceful as a Gothic cathedral. The view from up top is especially magical in the late afternoon, as is the walk to and from the wat.

Kampong Trach Mountain

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Kampong Trach Mountain is located in Kampong Trach district Kampot Province, A short walk into the cave, you will come to an open area where the temple is. There is a sleeping Buddha which was inside a temple that was built like a natural structure.

River Park

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

River Park was officially opened since 2016. It's the famous for whom want to have a great experience amazing zipline adventure. River Park or in Khmer called (ឧទ្យានដងព្រែក) are offering Zipline, Rope tree, Floating Bar, boating, water games, sky bungalow and more.More info

Daung Te

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Doung Tethe popular water park in Kampot Provice,there is a good place for have a nice swimming and enjoying with the nature surrounding by Coconut tree. There is the popular place for local tourist visiting at the weekend and publish holiday.Daung Te

Bopha Prey

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Bopha Pheyis a one of restaurant that have a good location along the river in Kampot Province.Bopha Prey is very nice restaurant for have a break lunch with the affordable price between 5$-10$ for each,Moreover Bopha Prey also have Kayak rental 5$ per hour for kayaking around the river to seeing nature view along the river how is amazing. Khmer family run, Their service food are Khmer food served,Lots of cold drinks at the riverside bar. Bopha Prey have location about about 3km upstream On the downtown side of the River.

Teuk Chhou Rapids

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Teuk Chhou Rapids is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kampot Province. Teuk Chhu is located in Snomprampi village, Makprang commune, Kampot district, about 8 kilometers north of Kampot provincial town.

Tada Waterfalls

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Tada waterfalls is in Kampot province it's the popular place for Cambodia people for visiting at publish holiday and has been open for visitors since 2013.The waterfall is easily accessiblefrom Kampot and as such it makes for an excellent spot to visit if you're looking to go beyond the town itself. How to get Tada Waterfall ?
Tada waterfalls have location 10 kilo meters from Kampot central so you can be reach there by tuk tuk or your owned moto rental,Moreover the entrance fee is USD 1 per person regardless of nationality, and the motor parking fee is 1,000 Riels. The best time to visit Tada Waterfalls is during the rainy season because the waterfall will be in full flow,however the road will be a bit slippery if there is a heavy rain. Moreover, people mostly visit there in the afternoon.


Kampot Province is the popular place for traveling an adventure, So how to get there ?
All of the visitor can getting there by bus or VIP Van by the ticket price around 8USD to 10USD with the destance around 4 hours to reach the city town of Kampot Province,Moreover all of the people can reach there by private taxi or rental car with the price between USD 60 to USD 70, or by your own transportation. How to getting around in Kampot Province?
In additional kampot Province there are many service for renting Moto to explore the surrounding area with the price 5$/24 hours.


Kampot Province there are many hotel are near around the town with affordable price there are the top of resort to stay in Kamport Province
BamBoo Bungalow

Bamboo Bungalow Resort: is the relaxing place,it is a good place for chilling with family or group of friend.Bamboo Bugalow also the a nice place for couple on vocation there is a quite place and location is very fabulous on the river and the bungalows are very beautiful. The hotel has a very cute restaurant overlooking the river and 10 minutes tuk tuk drive to the town center.The river view bungalow which is the best, you get to sleep on the sound of river waves with a great view the next morning.

Ramo Resort

Ramo Resortis the one of resort have a good location closed to the kampot town along the Kapot river.It's a small romantic hotel that brings the best of Kampot to your doorstep. In addition, while staying at Ramo Resort guests have access to a 24 hour front desk, a concierge, and 24 hour check-in, and you can stay connected with free wifi. You can also enjoy a lounge while staying at Ramo Resort. Need a place to park? Free parking is available at Ramo Resort.
Natural Bungalows Restaurant and Bar
Natural Bungalow Resort is the beautiful place that have located nearby the new Bridge in downtown Kampot Province, right on the river.This place got a their own restaurant with a romantic beachfront view. This is a very good place form couples who wanted to enjoy a romantic dinner and view.A top popular Kampot landmark, Natural Bungalows is a great destination for tourists.

Slek Chak

Slek Chak is the new once resort along the kampot river in Kampot Province of Cambodia, there is a quite place and relaxing with the nature view cover by surrounding a room stay. Slek Chak Bungalows is in the category of the innovation, eating place, and accommodation. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Slek Chak Bungalows for tourists such as boat ride, kayak ride,BBQ Party places to eat and more
Are all popular resorts for travelers staying in Kampot Province and also surrounding by place for visiting in Kampot,Moreover at Bamboo Bungalow also providing service rental motorbike also.If you’re looking for an Asian restaurant, consider a visit to Epic Arts Cafe, Ecran Noodle and Dumpling House, or Rikitikitavi, which are all conveniently located a short distance from Natural Bungalows. Plus, during your trip, don't forget to check out a history museum, such as Kampot Museum. Enjoy your stay in Kampot!

Things To See and do