Kdard La Tenteis one of the relaxing places in Kdat Village of Kampot Province where you can refresh your mind with nature. All of You can experience many things while you are at Kdard La Tente such as sleeping in the tent/bungalow/container, absorbing fresh air on the bridge where nothing holds your view, experiencing camp fire, and enjoying a very new activity by hunting shrimp. Moreover, Kdard La Tent also provides tour service to go to the waterfall by walking.

Accommodation Options

Kdard La Tente has 3 options for your accommodation. First, you can choose to sleep in the tent which costs USD 12 a night and it is suitable for two people. The second option is you can choose to sleep in the bungalow. It is a very nice room built up with wood and is suitable for 4 people with the price of USD 35 a night including fan inside the room. There are only 4 bungalows available there, and the toilet is not inside each room; there are only one shared bathroom and one shared toilet for the 4 bungalows. The last option is that you can choose to sleep in the container. The container is the most comfortable one among the 3 options. It has the air conditioner and also has the bathroom inside. Moreover, it is suitable for 4 people with the price of USD 50 a night.

Food Offer

There are many kinds of food you can order at Kdard La Tente, but if you want to bring in your own food, they will charge USD 5 per person, and you also want to bring in your own drink, they will charge another USD 5 more per person. If you go there as a team with more than 10 people, Kdard La Tent has a dinner package which costs USD 13.50 per person. The food there includes beef, shrimp, oyster, crab and squid. Moreover, the breakfast costs USD 3.50 per person. Beside the package, you can also order your preferred food by your own with their menu.


From the entrance, you can see the restaurant where you can order food. A long that way to restaurant, you can find a snooker table that you can enjoy your time with your friends. Furthermore, there are bowling, volleyball, campfire, bridge, hunting the shrimp, and seeing the ocean rock. For hunting the shrimp and seeing the ocean rock, each activity can be done different seasons which means you can enjoy only one among the two. Hunting the shrimp is only available from November until the end of March, and it is started from 6PM after the sea water gets less deep that we are be able to walk. On the other hand, seeing the ocean rock is available from the beginning of April to the end of August which starts in the early morning at 6AM to 9AM.

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