Slek Chak Bungalow


Slek Chak Resort is a new resort along the Kampot River in Kampot Province of Cambodia, there is a quiet place and relaxing with the nature view cover by surrounding a room stay. Slek Chak Bungalows is in the category of innovation, eating place, and accommodation. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Slek Chak Bungalows for tourists such as boat ride, kayak ride, BBQ Party places to eat, and more.


Slek Chak is located in Kampong Kreng Village, Kampong Kreng Commune, Teuk Chhou District, Kampot province, and far about ~4km away from Durian Roundabout.


For accommodation, Sloek Chak Bungalows have bungalows but the guesthouse and hotel do not exist. For the Price range room rates from $53 per night (USD).


Slek Chak most of the fresh air and very relaxing by nature small along the Kampot river there is the new one place the escape from the city to have a great time in Kampot province. Besides getting a nice view, you can also enjoy many things here like Boat ride, Kayak ride, Places to eat, and BBQ party at night time.