Kang Meng Restaurant and Resort


Kang Meng Restaurant and Resort is one of the best day trip destinations. This is is not far from the city, it is only 6.5 kilometers from Phnom Penh. Kang Meng Restuarant is the one of the relaxing resort on the weekend there sitting area built along the lake has a nice nature view around there including Khmer countryside food. Kag Meng Restaurant and resort is an attraction by the local tourist on weekend and publishes holiday.

What make this place special?

Kang Meng Restaurant and Resort set up many wooden sitting areas on the lake where you sit and relax. Moreover, they got their restaurant and most of the food cost between 30000 riels or 7.5$ for one big plate. Not only that but this place also allow villager around the area come to sell their food. So you got even more choice to choose which food you want to eat.


Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM. And to rent a wooden sitting area costs USD 5 per day, but if you order the total ordering over then four plat of food, that wooden sitting area will be free of charge for the customer.