Neak Loeung


Neak Loeung is a busy commercial town in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. Located on the Mekong and astride National Highway number 1, it is the commune center for Neak Leung commune and the capital of Peam Ror District. The town can be reached by car ferry from Kampong Phnum in Kandal Province or by boat along the Mekong river. Due to its strategic location, the town and port of Neak Leung have been a significant battleground at various times in Cambodia's history.

Please to visiting at Neak Loeung? Neak Loeung is the popular place to have a day trip so many of local tourist they are going on the weekend to meeting their family and drive along the country road with the good atmosphere at there, Moreover, the Neak Loeung Bridge is the on a long and very big bridge most beautiful and also the best place for a stand to visiting Mekong River more than that taking a nice picture for all family group at night view. Therefore, Neak Loeung is a good place for a group of a bike tours.