Botum Sakor National Park is a national park of Cambodia. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Botum Sakor is a peninsula projecting southwest from the Cardamom Mountains. The National Park comprises 183,408 hectares of designated park land and spans three districts of Koh Kong Province: Kiri Sakor, Botum Sakor and Koh Kong. The park is under the administration of the Cambodian Ministry of Environment.

How to visiting Botum Sakor National Park?
Botum Sakor National Parkhas location at southwest of the Cardamom mountains occupying 1,834 square kilometers of mangroves, beaches and hills. Part of the biodiverse Koh Kong Conservation corridor and home to an extraordinary wildlife such as elephants, deers, tigers, leopards and sun bears, Botum Sakor National Park is a Koh Kong tourist attraction not to be missed by the nature enthusiasts.

Therefore it's possible to reach the park either by road (it is actually being built) or by boat, although the latter is a better option to access to the flood plains, thick mangroves and the deserted beaches of the park. Boats can be taken from Andong tuek, Sihanoukville, Koh Sdach or Kron Koh Kong. Do not miss the fishing village Preak Khsach or the mangrove lined stream.

How much does a cost for visit Botum Sakor National Park?
The entrance to the park is free of charge but once there you will need to pay a ranger about US$5/Person as per day,Moreover that park is popular to exploring at early in the morning time travelling from Koh Kong, as there is so much to see and travelling there and back will take an entire day to see the most important parts.

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