Cardamom Mountains and Trekking which cover about 12,000 square miles of southwest Cambodia.The Cardoamom mountain are a huge range that extend from Koh Kong province where it borders Thailand up to Pursat in central Cambodia and across to the Damrei Mountains, near the border with Vietnam. Cardamom Mountain is the one of well known place for exploring trekking offers the most fun and immersive way of exploring the forest in Koh Kong Provice. Dense tropical rainforests extend across the range, especially in and around Koh Kong where annual rainfall can be between 3,800 to 5,000 mm. In Siem Reap, the average annual rainfall is 1,312 mm.

Thing to do and See at Cardomom Mountain at Koh Kong

From Koh Kong, you can explore the area by boat, foot or motorcycle and all of the Eco adventure tour operation in the town offer a means for doing so motorcycle tour with Nick Berry from Jungle Cross for a more dynamic exploration,However the roads into the Cardamoms are pretty good now. Please notice that to make sure someone has a phone with a working SIM card in it, in case you break down.

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Explore Koh Kong Province ?

Koh Kong province is a province in southwest Cambodia with a vast undeveloped coastline and a rugged interior encompassing part of the Cardamom Mountains'...