Koh Pdao is an island located in Kratie Province in the Northeast of Cambodia.Koh Pdao is well known for its still existing fresh water dolphins living in the Mekong River. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mekong River scenery while watching Irrawaddy dolphins swimming next to their boat. In the evenings beautiful sunsets will turn the river into a golden banner. On top of that visitors can help communities through participating in community activities such as digging fish and frog ponds, building chicken and duck pens, farming.

How to Visiting Koh Pdao in Kratie?
Traveler Could reach Kratie Town by bus, minibus or taxi from Phnom Penh along National Road Number 6 and 7. Koh Phdao is approximately 40km away from Kratie Town. It is a 45 minutes drive from Kratie Town by taxi or motor taxi and another 20 to 30 minutes by a slow boat down the Mekong River.

Good to know Koh Pdao in Kratie
The main activities of Kratie province and Koh Pdao ecotourism site are the fresh water Irrawaddy dolphins living in the Mekong. Besides this Kratie offers beautiful sunsets, a fascinating landscape on the Mekong River and a nice river beach during dry season. Traveler Could learn about traditional Khmer livelihood and enjoy Khmer traditional dances or prepare local Khmer dishes. Moreover they can do trekking in the village or into the jungle, bicycling along the island or doing boat trips around the island. In addition to that there is an opportunity of participating in project activities such as digging fish ponds and frog ponds, building chicken and duck pens, doing farming activities, playing sports either football or volleyball with children or teaching English to children.
Therefore at koh Pdao in Kratie Province alos have a Community so if you would like to getting there take it easy traveler could contact them in advance before your date trip,So how to contact Koh Pdao community?
Contact address:
-Website:ww. crdt.org.kh
-Inside the “Stay another days” Cambodian booklet.
Mr. Sun Mao (Tourism Coordinator)
-Tel: 099 834 353, 012 635 865.
-Email: [email protected]
CRDT has a head office at Kratie town, Kratie province.
Directly contact to community leader by mobile phone. Tel: (+855) 011 709 329; (+855) 099 546 253 (Khmer speaking).

Service tour and Price
-$50 for 2.5 days as followed:
-CRDT core funding (for preparartion, arrangements and guide). Contribution supports CRDT livelihood activities: 15$
-Food: 2.5$/meal for 5 meals
-Homestay: 3$/night for 2 nights
-Taxi from Kratie to Sambo: 5$
-Boat from Sambo to Koh Pdao: 2$
-Boat for dolphins viewing: 2$
-Local guide: 3$
For Additional services
Oxcart riding: 2$
Bicycle rental: 1.5$
Boat for dolphin watching + Koh Doun Reach Island: 5$
Boat tour along the Mekong: 12$
Boat to dolphin pool Ksach Makak + Koh Preang: 25$
Traditional performances: 30$-50$
Local loud speaker dancing at the village during the night: 20$.

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