Phnom Prich Sanctuary is a part of the initiative undertake by the Cambodian Government to conserve the diverse flora and fauna in the country. The sanctuary forms part of the 1 million hectare of land in the Eastern Plains. The WWF has also helped the government in the undertaking.The Phnom Prich Sanctuary is home to some of the endangered species in the country. There are wide varieties of mammals, birds and reptiles. Some of the protected species in the sanctuary are tiger, Asian elephant, wild water buffalo, jungle cat, and deer and so on. Some bird species include sarus, crane and giant ibises. The sanctuary provides a wonderful habitat for these animals.
Various trips are undertaken to the Phnom Prich Sanctuary, Mondulkiri. There are also provisions for camping in the forest. There are single day as well as half day trips available. Travelers can take useful information on the sanctuary from the tourist center and the travel agencies.

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