Koh Rong Island becoming the next popular destination in South East Asia.

To get there, hop on a Speed ferry will take 45 minutes ride from southern Sihanoukville province. Other choice, you can try the boat tour where you can also reach to koh rong but it will take 2h 30min in order to arrive.

Directing to Koh Rong Island will lead you to stunning beach with crystal clear water, white sand, and both budget and high price accommodation in form of guesthouse, homestay, dom, and bungalow.

1. Zip Line through the Jungle

zip line koh rong

For someone who have the heart of adventure and love high point of the forest. Experience climbing, swinging and sliding high above the forest floor in Koh rong.

2. Boat Trip

boat trip

Joining the best boat trip in koh rong, and try many different experiences during boat trip like fishing, snorkeling, and bbq. You can renting whole boat by yourself which cost $50 per boat.

From the start of the trip, they take you to snorkeling for the first activity. After you enjoy your best time on snorkeling, the next activity would be fishing. They provided the fishing equipment for you, not really the fancy one, but the handmade. The fishing rod are the plastic bottle. The last activity is BBQ after you have done fishing or you can grill your fish from the last activity.

3. Join in on a Beach Clean Up

beach clean up

After enjoy your best time in Koh Rong Island, would you love to leave your footprint on the island by joining beach clean up activity?

Beach Clean Up had run by KREA (Koh Rong Ecological Alliance) who are mix of local and some island expats that love to keep the beach clean, the animals safe, and educating the local kids about how they can be environmental ambassadors in the future. Activity is doing on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, check out their Facebook page to know where to meet up.

4. Get your Open Water Diving Certificate

Koh rong diving center

Some seriously cheap deals can be found here, especially when compared to getting your Open Water Certificate in nearby Phuket or Koh Samui.

5. Day Drink at Vagabonds


Happy Hour before noon at Vagabonds on Koh Rong.

Board games, drinking games, and whacky antics are all starting at the crack of dawn. This is how life was meant to be lived while on holiday. Vagabonds has got the best veggie burgers on the island and the burger grill is going all day

6. Visit Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem is close to Koh Rong where the boat trip could give you arrive there.

7. Go Clubbing at Bunna’s Place

Clubbing at Bunna’s Place

Bunna’s Place is the closest thing to clubbing that you’re going to find on Koh Rong. Bunna’s Place never disappoints when you’re looking to have a wild time.

8. Visit Long Set/4k Beach

Long Set/4k Beach

Walk to the far end of Koh Toch beach, through a flat jungle trail past some tall tree house bungalows and you’ll have reached Long Set Beach. Often called 4k Beach, this is the unspoiled paradise you’ve been looking for.

9. Plankton


To get the best plankton experience, you need complete darkness. Walk as far from the lights of the beach as you can to find a blacked out strip of water or hire a boat to take you out at night for the ultimate glittery swim.

Get to know more about plankton in our previous article.

10. Police Beach Parties

Police Beach Parties

No boats needed; just follow the well-trodden path past Green Ocean Guest House into the jungle and you’ll come out on the other side at Police Beach.