Tonle Sap or Great lake of Cambodia is the largest river fresh, not salty. there is a million to living there along there with there floating village. The Lake is also an important commercial resource, providing more than half of the fish consumed in Cambodia. In harmony with the specialized ecosystems, the human occupations at the edges of the lake is similarly distinctive - floating villages, towering stilted houses, huge fish traps, and an economy and way of life deeply intertwined with the lake, the fish, the wildlife and the cycles of rising and falling waters.
There are the best 4 things to don at tonle sap:

Kampong Phluk Floating Market: : Built upon stilts in the famous Tonle Sap river, the floating village of Kompong Phluk is a must-see for any trip to Cambodia. Journey from Siem Reap to this enchanting site where you will board a fishing boat to explore the waterways. Here you’ll get a fascinating insight into the ways the local people live in the region. What you can expect at Kampong Phluk boat trip?
Once traveler have reach Kompong Phluk, it’s goodbye to the mainland as you float by schools, government buildings and local homes on stilts. you will learn more about how the locals have adapted to their surroundings, and experience their day-to-day routines as you pass fish farms and rice paddies. For a surcharge to take a small boat through the flooded forest, a fascinating area of mangrove trees now half submerged under water, Depending on day, traveler can visiting Local Market and Pagoda in Kampong Phluk village a long Tonle Sap.


Prek Toal Brid Sanctuary: Prek Toal bird sanctuary is the largest waterbird colony in South-East Asia. Located at the edge of Tonle Sap Great Lake, this stunning Ramsar site is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is covered mostly by freshwater swamp forest and is home to the rare waterbirds, in the dry season. Birding Tour to Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary and Floating Village: one of the best places for birdwatching from Siem Reap. What you will see at Prek Toal Bride Sanctuary ? Prek Toal birding tour take you to see the various key birds of the Tonle Sap,Over 150 bird species have been recorded in this protected reserve. Especially the Spot-billed Pelican, Milky Stork, Painted Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant, Black-headed Ibis, Oriental Darter, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, as well as three kinds of Cormorant.
Best time to visit Prek Toal Brid Sanctuary
-The best time to explore Prek Toal bird colonies is from November when most bird species are coming. Yet some species like Milky Stork and Greater Adjutant will get there later in December, and until the end of May when the rain comes and birds are leaving.
-For April to June is possible with birding too but the water level is quite low which make the access difficult to get to the best place for birding.
-For July to September, most birds are gone.
-From October, some birds are having their way back to Prek Toal for their breeding season.

Mechry Floating Village: is the One of the small unspoiled floating villages, nice and less touristy spot for those who like to feel beautiful atmosphere and the nature. It is not located far from the Siem Reap town, drive along road number 6, it takes approximately 30 minute (25km). After the drive took off the main street, the journey provides charming views of rice paddies, see cattle as well as farming activities in the rice fields before you reach at the boat pier. What you will see in Mechrey floating Village? Meachrey floating community based on tourism, offers such nice sightseeing along the channel where your sights are being attracted by interesting daily life of activities, floating houses, kids playing in the water, visit a mall floating souvenir shop, the crocodiles and active Buddhism pagoda. If you take the boat cruise further, you will see the Great Lake of Tonle Sap, well-known as the largest freshwater lake in the Southeast Asia and is an ecological hot spot that was designated as a UNESCO biosphere in 1997.

Kampong Luong Floting Village: is the village consist of both Cambodian community and Vietnamese community both living in the same floating village.Currently there are 2 additional families running a homestay in the village – Pu Yang Kg.Luong Homestay and Seng Peng Cambodian Homestay. Gettting to Kampong Loung Floating village distance from Phnom Penhh there are several bus companies traveling to Battambang traveler have to ask to stop in Krakor, halfway on the road to Battambang. The bus price is the same if you go to Battambang or if you stop is Krakor, around 7$. From there a tuk-tuk driver will take you to the pier for 4$. Place to Stay in Kampong Loung Floating Village traveler will have to choose between the three home stay and a boat will bring you to the home stay of your choice for 5$ in the floating village of Kompong Luong.