Cambodia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist places on earth, and it is places like Koh Kong Island that are making it such an attractive destination. With beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, and a beautifully warm climate, it is the ideal place to visit if you are looking to meet people, to take your significant other, or even for a family vacation. It is an amazing place to exploring by Eco adventure in Koh Kong Province.

1. Waterfall Thumel Dar tour
Thumel Dar waterfall is the beautiful waterfall at the foot of the Cardamom Mountains on the Cambodian/Thai border.Tour would be offer trip option to travel up river and visit this remote area passing a Khmer village.
There are two beautiful waterfalls on this trip. The first is low and long across the river. A fork allows the boat to pass on the side. The second, drops over large boulders, where shallow pools invite a swim.
Services Providing
Tuk Tuk pick up from your hotel at 8:40am and you will be taken to the dock for departure. Going up river, you will enter the lush green jungle. When we reach the second waterfall, it’s time to relax. Take a swim while the BBQ lunch is prepared [option 1 only]. After lunch, a jungle nap is recommended!!!! Back in the water before the boat departs will wake your mind to be alert in sighting wildlife and more. We return to town about 4/5pm.
Option 1
Long Tail boat will travel up river and arrive at 2nd waterfall in 2 hours. Return is 2 hours as well. This trip cost $25 per person, minimum of 4 people or hire the trip for $100. BBQ and water included. Soda and beer available for purchase.
Option 2
Small Speed Boat, 3 person max, 1 hour each way, $45 Total
Option 3
Large Speed Boat, 6 person max, 1 hour each way, $60 Total

Option 2 and 3 are boat hire, with driver only. No guide. Food and drinks are of your choosing.

2. Dirt Bike Tours in the Cardamom Mountains


Dirt bike tour day trip. Dirt Bike Tours in the Cardamom Mountains The day starts with a TukTuk pick-up at your hotel, 7:40am. At the shop, we will gear up with helmets and 250cc dirt bikes ready to go.Your guide will lead you out of town to the dirt road into jungle terrain with great views. We will stop for a break, a short walk to waterfall and have a lunch and take a swim. Then it’s further into the mountains where we will visit a local Khmer village to experience traditional culture.
The return will follow the same route and have you back in Koh Kong about 5 or 6 pm.This Dirt Bike Tour is not for Beginners.Cost is $110 each person.All included with lunch and water.

3. Jungle day Trek in the Cardamom Mountain in Cambodia.
Jungle day Trek trip in one day. The Jungle Day Trek is our most popular trip as it give easy access for people who want to experience the wildlife, waterfalls and tropical jungle that we have here in Koh Kong. A hike you will always remember with a smile!
Option 1
Price: 20$ for each the day starts at 8:30am with a Tuk Tuk pick up at your hotel. We will take you to the dock for a Long Tail boat ride, up river, into the Cardamom Mountains. The scenic river travel takes about 1hr 20min. We begin the trek to a beautiful view point, 30 minutes, then a break. The trail then drops into the gorge arriving at the waterfalls where you can have a refreshing swim. Here, we will have a lunch and spend time relaxing in the tropical jungle setting with the water at your feet.
After, we will trek back to the river, 1.5 hours, have a swim and then return to the boat. Trek is light to moderate and suitable for children. Return to town about 4:30pm.
Option 2
-Price : 27$ for each minimum 2 people available time At 8am, you will get picked up at your hotel for a drive to the base of the Cardamom Mountains where we park at a trail-head. 40min. We begin the hike here and travel 5 hours to a waterfall for lunch and a swim. Our return follows a different route back to the trail-head. This trek is more physical than option 1.
If you wish, we can stop at a Khmer village and experience local life up close. Arrive in Koh Kong at 6:30pm.
jungle-eco-adventure-tours-koh-kong-cambodia-004Both trips have a packed lunch of your choice. Bottle water supplied at all times.
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