Have you ever heard of Plankton?

Plankton are the diverse collection of organisms that live in large bodies of water. And it's unable to swim against a current which mean they are always in the same place. The best thing about it, you will get to see a glowing like a neon blue in dark night.

For those, who are interested to see plankton in Koh Rong, Koh Touch in Koh Rong island and Saracen Bay in Koh rong samloem are the two easiest place to see Plankton.

On Koh Touch, it is easy to find a plankton boat tour since they are advertised all around the beach. The Plankton tour will cost $5 and leaving for tour around 7PM. You can also rent your own private boat tour which includes snorkeling, fishing and BBQ, and it might cost around $50.

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Warning: Please do not swim at night due to not safe situation. As you know, normally jellyfish, octopus, and other sea creatures are hunting in the dark.