Visiting Siem Reap province on summer during March to May is not that bad if you are a person who wants to know and learn about Cambodian traditional culture because during the hot summer all people across the country are going to celebrate Khmer New Year, For this year 2020 Khmer the date celebration Khmer new year at 13 April to 16 April.

why it is called Khmer new year and celebration in April?

It is called “Khmer” New Year because Khmer are the dominant ethnic group within the nation. Ninety-five percent of Cambodia’s 15 million people follow Theravada Buddhism, which is also the official religion. The calendar they follow is deeply steeped in their Buddhist religious traditions. The Cambodian New Year falls on either the 13th or 14th of April, depending on the dictates of an ancient horoscope reading called “Maha Sangkran.”
Khmer New Year arrives just after the harvest has been gathered and safely stored, which is significant since the majority of the population are still involved in agriculture. In fact, an earlier lunar calendar was abandoned in favour of the present solar-based one in order to ensure the holiday fell just after harvest time and before the rainy season.

Thing to do and transitional

Best four things you may wish to do if in Cambodia for Khmer New Year celebrations are:
-Mostly Khmer new year popular only to celebration at the province area,Actually First day of celebration Khmer new year mostly of people are going to have great meeting with their relative at the province town and they are celebration together have some party,BBQ,Dance for full night.
-Play some of the many Khmer New Year’s games. Try Chol Chhoung, a game in which two groups of 20 children each throw a “chhoung” back and forth. Another game, Chab Kon Kleng, involves a person who acts like a hen, chicks whom she guards, and a crow who tries to snatch the chicks away.