Malaysian home-grown kopitiam (coffee shop) franchise PappaRich has opened its first outlet in the Tuol Kork district, Phnom penh, Cambodia.

PappaRich Cambodia recreates the traditional rustic kopitiam experience in an air-conditioned setting, bringing the best of Malaysian street food to Cambodia.

The prices for nasi lemak range from $7 to $9, with the cost depending on the customer’s choice of prawn, squid, beef or chicken to go with the aromatic rice steamed in coconut milk.

The famous dish is cooked by first stir-frying chopped garlic and chilli paste. Then, the rice noodles are added in, followed by shrimps, bean sprouts and Asian chives, before the chef turns up the heat to stir fry all the ingredients into a plate of mouth-watering fried char kway teow.

Another star of the menu is Sarawak pepper chicken soup ($7), which attracts Cambodian diners who famously enjoy Kampot pepper in their dishes.

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