Pchum Ben day is the important Buddhist khmer culture festival for celebrating once in a year.
Pchum Ben day or we can called in English is Ancestor day the one of Cambodia's most important Buddhist festivals,It least 15 days for celebration by the lunar calendar,Formally the holiday runs from September 13th until 28th is the last days,actually 27th and 28th are the biggest celebration Pchum Ben festival which is a publish holiday to have a meeting at the family house So in the city are very silent all business company are closed for awhile in 3 days due to Cambodian people they will be going to visit their family at the hometown.

Why Cambodian people believed on Pchum Ben festival?
Pchum Ben festival is an exclusively Cambodian religious festival, based on their belief in reincarnation and karmar,Actually most people are believed to be reincarnated at death, those with bad karma can be trapped in the spirit world, unable to be reincarnated.At Pchum Ben time every year these souls are released from the spirit world to find their living relatives and repent. During Pchum Ben day Cambodian people are cooking food are bring it to pagodas, pray for the souls of their.Most of Cambodian people as always believe that preparing food for the Buddhist monks is an act that transfers merit to the hungry ghosts, while many believe that the food itself is transferred from the monks to their ancestors. Some believe that during Pchum Ben the food offerings are transferred directly the dead, and you’ll see people throwing sticky rice into fields for the ghosts during this time. enter image description here
If you would like to observe some of the Pchum Ben of Cambodia traditions, you can visit any of the pagodas in Phnom Penh or its surrounding. Cambodian are very friendly to share their culture and with interested, respectful visitors. Please kindly to notice that the dress are respectful. The legs or shoulder should be covered, due to the uniform for Cambodian celebration pchum ben festival are wear dress pants and a white dress shirt for men and women wear long skirts and a white shirt (white is the funeral colour in Cambodia). Shoes are when you are entering pagodas.

Cheer for Cambodian people traditional celebration Pchum Ben festival in September!