Phnom Penh a mecca for shopping find everything from bespoke handcraft to slick sportswear and all things in between at store and market through the city.

Local Mall

The Russian Market is a ture bargain-hunter's paradise,especially for clothing DVDs, electrons and souvenirs. It's special are factory seconds, a range of surprisingly good imitation items such as "Nothface" backpacks and western-sized clothes, Prepare your self for steamy time sifting through the chaff in this rabbit warren of hidden gems, especially in the hotter months.
A breath of fresh air by comparison, Central markets stocks jewellery,fabrics and cheap electronic. Although it could be said to attract a more discerning clientele, price are often lower because fewer tourist make a journey.

Discount, Second hand and vintage store

If its a bargain you want than a bargain you shall find in the city array of discount stores.
DAH Export, featuring three floors of the name brand goods located on shianouk Blvd. is wroth checking out second only to Toul Korks Closeout factory outlet.
In Phnom Penh city also has a number of second hand stores spread across the city, including a fair few thrift shops that source their "recycled" items from Japan.

Cambodia have many Largest western-style mall such as:
-Aeon Mall I & Aeon II: Aeon mall I is the first a biggest mall in Cambodia that have located at the Sothearous Blvd (Aeon II have located ..................,also houses cinema screens, a bowling alley, a food court and a large supermarket. A wealth clothes shops, mostly Asain brands, some of which carry western sizes, will keep you entertained for a while.


Lucky Supermarket operates multiple stores around the city,stocking a huge selection of imported foods,meats,fruit,cheeses, and specially items, plus a sizable vegetable section. But if you're saving up, head to a sizable vegetable section.